FOI request to Old Saybrook ignored - Round 3

by Admin 31. July 2011 11:54

It looks like the Old Saybrook police department has decided to ignore my requests for prompt access to the documents and transcripts regarding the complaint I filed. It has been over thirty days since they received my previous request and I have received no response.

So round 3 begins with my new request:

FOI request

For reference: 

Round 2

Round 1

I think it is time for Old Saybrook to consider taking civil rights violations seriously.

FOI request sent to Old Saybrook (again)

by Admin 3. July 2011 09:15

Old Saybrook has had more than a reasonable amount of time to conduct their investigation into my complaint and I am again sending them a FOI request for the documents, contents and conclusions of that investigation.

I previously wrote about this, and I have sent the same request again.

It is time to see if Old Saybrook is going to do the right thing or the wrong thing.

FOI request

FOIA request sent for Middetown City Hall police scare

by Admin 25. June 2011 16:19

I think it is in the best interest of the open carry community to know what happened in this incident with more detail than what is presented in this story:

Officers respond to pistol carrier with guns drawn in city hall.

Something very wrong happened here and the Middletown police need to have sunlight laid upon them and this incident. 


FOI request

FOI request sent to Guilford about (non) incident at Wendys

by Admin 25. June 2011 09:08

A FOI request was sent to Guilford regarding the non incident I reported on a short while ago.

Figure this can go one of two ways:

 1) Either there will be no reports of anyone contacting the police.

 2) There was a report to the police who invesitgated and found no reason to interfere.


Either way, I consider it a win for rights in Guilford. Either citizens just don't care about people openly carrying firearms, or the police understand the proper way to investigate and don't feel obligated to detain someone just because that person has a firearm on them.

FOI Request