FOI letters mailed to Wallingford and Old Saybrook

by Rich_B 11. December 2010 11:00

A few letters were mailed today. One is to the Wallingford Police Department, one version  is to the Old Saybrook Police Department.


Old Saybrook FOI Letter

Wallingford FOI Letter


These letters were sent certified mail with return receipts. Both of these police departments have proven to be non-responsive or resistant to supply information in the past, so I am covering my bases.

Wallingford certified mail receipts.

Old Saybrook certified mail receipts.

The letters were also sent to the mayor of Wallingford, First Selectman of Old Saybrook and the town clerk of each just for the record. I didn't feel it necessary to make these certified mail as well.

It looks like these should all arrive on Monday, and I will post the return receipts when I get them.

I will give each department one week to contact me before I contact them and find out what is going on. They need to abide by the law here and get me this information. In the past, I have had nothing but problems with Lt. Mikulski providing information that he is supposed to be provide in accordance to the law. It is sad that a citizen has to be the one to look up statutes and explain them to records divisions in police departments so that they can get public records that they are entitled to.

This will not be the same as those incidents. They need to step up their game and make sure they do things correctly. We will see if they can do things correctly.

Filed complaint with Old Saybrook Police Department

by Rich_B 6. November 2010 15:28

I filed a complaint Saturday morning against all three of the officers who detained me.

An interesting thing happened when I approached the desk/dispatch officer (James Shake Jr.) to make the complaint. He tried to ID me.

I found this incredibly odd and I told him so. He replied he needed to get my driver's license and 'run it' before he could call a supervisor in to take my complaint. It was 'policy' of course.

Naturally, I said no, I would not be IDed just to file a complaint. That is just ridiculous. They still gave me the forms which I filled out and submitted to Master Sergeant Robbert van der Horst. 

Luckily I recorded the whole event. I will post it as soon as I truncate the rest of the day's adventures.

What is going on with Old Saybrook PD?

Audio of complaint being filed.