Spoke with Alison Perreault - Starbucks District Manager

by Rich_B 2. November 2010 16:35

I spoke with Alison Perreault on the phone today. She was apologetic like the manager Greg Thompson was. She seemed to understand the national policy pretty well and understood the gravity of the situation. She says she is going to be having a regional meeting with a bunch of the stores and will bring this issue up.

I requested a letter that say I may patronize the restaurant whenever I want as long as I am following the laws of our state. She reluctantly agreed. She said it was not 'standard practice'. I informed her I don't believe any of this is standard practice, but explained that without the letter I could be risking a trespassing charge should the Old Saybrook Police Department get called out there again.

Lets hope I get the letter and that is the end of this issue on the Starbucks end.