Filed complaint with Old Saybrook Police Department

by Rich_B 6. November 2010 15:28

I filed a complaint Saturday morning against all three of the officers who detained me.

An interesting thing happened when I approached the desk/dispatch officer (James Shake Jr.) to make the complaint. He tried to ID me.

I found this incredibly odd and I told him so. He replied he needed to get my driver's license and 'run it' before he could call a supervisor in to take my complaint. It was 'policy' of course.

Naturally, I said no, I would not be IDed just to file a complaint. That is just ridiculous. They still gave me the forms which I filled out and submitted to Master Sergeant Robbert van der Horst. 

Luckily I recorded the whole event. I will post it as soon as I truncate the rest of the day's adventures.

What is going on with Old Saybrook PD?

Audio of complaint being filed.