Wallingford responds to FOI letters

by Rich_B 21. December 2010 09:00

I received a letter from Lt. Mikulski of the Wallingford Police Department today telling me that he was working on compiling the documents I requested in the FOIA request I made to them. We will see how he does. Wallingford has been less than truthful and forthcoming with information in the past, and Lt. Mikulski has some interesting ideas about what he is and is not allowed to give me access to. 

The letter from Lt. Mikulski:

http://subtlehustle.com/OC/Wallingford Case/FOI/Wallingford Letter Response to FOIA.pdf

At least they responded. I figured I would have to be fighting them every step of the way to get them to comply like I have all the other times.