I carry a BIG gun! Lt. Martino says it is a 40mm!

by Rich_B 1. January 2011 14:48

Lieutenant Anthony Martino of the Wallingford Police Department thinks that I carry a 40mm handgun. 

"Shortly after their arrivals the male subject, later identified as Richard Burgess (D.O.B [REDACTED]) was taken into custody. Seized from Mr. Burgess' belt was a loaded Glock (Model 23) 40 caliber semi-automatic handgun with one fully loaded 13-round inserted magazine and 1 (one) 40 caliber round in the chamber. In addition, Mr. Burgess was in possession of two (2) additional 13-round magazines, which brought the total 40 mm ammunition count to forty (40)."


No wonder Lieutenant Martino is so upset. I might be a little alarmed if I saw someone walking around with 40 rounds of 40mm ammunition as well. Of course, I would be more concerned they might drop that much ammunition and crush their foot or mine. Not to mention, carrying that on your belt would be a great way to get a public indecency charge.


I guess I a subscribe to the theory "Always bring enough gun".