Where is Officer Garcia's statement?

by Rich_B 1. January 2011 14:58

Something noticeably missing from Lt. Anthony Martino's IA report is any statement or report by Officer Garcia. Why this is so notable is that Officer Garcia is the only officer to have contact with me from first detainment to my release. He is the officer who handcuffed me, removed property of mine, transported me and booked me.

If there was one officer to get a statement and a report from, it should have been Officer Garcia. Should we assume that Lt. Martino did not value Officer Garcia's acount of what happened on 5/16/2010? Did Officer Garcia not say the right things? It is pretty obvious to me so far that the officers involved were coached in what to say. An ommission this obvious is pretty important. I think we deserve to hear Officer Garcias statement and an explanation of why Lt. Martino felt it was acceptable to omit this from the IA report.