Open carry makes people uncomfortable?

by Rich_B 6. January 2011 09:55

We hear this kind of stuff all the time, while in practice it certainly has not been true (at least for me). I have been OCing since about April 2010, and I had two police incidents where someone claimed to 'feel uncomfortable'. They were on May 16th and October 16th. That is a 5 month separation where I OCed even more frequently.

So I know there is something wrong with this kind of thinking, because quite simply, while OCing, most people:

- Don't notice.
- Don't care.
- Figure you are a LEO.
- Care, but don't want to be the person to 'upset the herd'.

So where do people get this idea that OCing causes alarm and makes people uncomfortable? I would venture a guess and say it comes from the vocal minority. I would say it is from idiots like this:

Idiot's article

This woman is writing an article to try and illustrate what people open carrying around her everyday is like and how it makes her feel uncomfortable. There is one little (huge) problem with that. She is talking about Texas. There is no open carry in Texas.

She is a liar. (A good reaming of her and her 'journalism' can be found here: Examiner)

I would tend to go so far as to say that just about everyone I have heard tell me "You can't carry around like that, you will make someone uncomfortable!" is likely a liar or at least is very ignorant as well. 

Remember, the future of OC and gun rights is being influenced by the vocal minority like this idiot who is just outright lying. The only way for us to keep our rights (and take some of them back) is by being the more vocal majority. We already have numbers on our side, we just need to make a lot of noise. As long as that noise is honest and truthful noise based on logic, reason and law, we can make the difference. 

Be loud. Talk to everyone who will listen. Some will agree, some will not. But make them aware and give them good points. We have truth and facts on our side, people like this liar of a writer, the police and state officials who abuse their powers under color of law and groups like CAGV cannot say the same.